Active Membership (20 Hours of service)

Single- $45

Husband and Wife- $65

Youth under 15-  $15

Non-active Membership-

Single- $80

Family- $130

Membership to Wisconsin Bowhunters Association is mandatory ( $23 annual)

WBH can be paid for at the time of club membership

If a WBH membership is not paid for at the time of club membership ,a WBH registration # must be provided on the membership application.

Presently youth WBH membership is paid for by the Tom Theder Memorial Fund

Printable Membership Application


Active membership benefits

Reduced cost of league and shoot fees

Ability to cast a vote at monthly meeting

Use the outdoor range for practice(Membership includes the combination to the locked gate)

Bowhunt deer , turkey and small game On club property , in their respective seasons after 2 years active membership

On club land, harvest firewood from down timber for personal use after 2 years of active membership